Big Data and
Data-Driven Marketing

Leadtera is the leading technology-driven integrated programmatic advertising platform in Southeast Asia. Leadtera solutions provide a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) platform by combining Demand Side Platform – Supply Side Platform, which includes Data Management Technology and Extraordinary Insight Engine.

Leadtera Programmatic Platform set of solution allows you to manage and package premium audience and inventory to existing and new media buyers. Powered by real-time insights, publishers are able to streamline the creation, pricing and packaging of high quality ad impressions and audiences.

Maximize your revenue by working with the Southeast Asia’s largest independent programmatic marketplace. Flexible and customizable integrated Data Management Platform and SSP’s solutions that truly empower premium publishers to improve efficiency and transparent platform with advanced controls, that lets you own your data and efficiently manage all demand partners across desktop, mobile and video.

Founded in 2014, Leadtera mission is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies. Leadtera platform has access to over 20 billion impressions and reaches over 50 million online unique visitors and 25 million mobile internet users per month in Vietnam


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